Welcome to Project Linked Fate!

Egalité Liberté, et Communité

Project Linked Fate brings together milestones along my journey to understand structural racialization and its implications.

This website makes resources and learning tools (case studies and exercises) available to individuals and organizations who want to:

  • Deepen their understanding of racialization and implicit bias
  • Identify strategies for interrupting systemic exclusion
  • Imagine practices and policies to build a democratic society that serves all communities and the individuals in them.

The body of work is divided into three major categories: Deliberate, Design, Give and Make.

Deliberate includes resources and tools that shed light on marginalization and help you develop strategies to address root causes.

Design includes explorations in using architectural design tools to catalyze thinking about how to design structurally transformative social change interventions.

Give includes resources and tools designed specifically to help philanthropists, foundations and networks of grant-makers apply a race analysis to their work.

Make is a gallery of fiber collages that I have made to explore the broad themes of connection, separation and transformation.


I hope that you will find the resources included here to be useful.  I encourage your suggestions and feedback.

Contact me at info (at) projectlinkedfate.org.


Connie Cagampang Heller