Evolving Whiteness.  Silk, cotton, thread.

Shifting Boundaries. Silk, cotton, thread.

We know there’s a will, but what’s the way?

Ever been part of a discussion with a group of grant-making colleagues about how your organization or network has, could, or “should” address race? Felt a little bit of anxiety or ambivalence about it? Many philanthropists, individuals and institutions alike, have made efforts to address race in our organizations and in our work, individually and together, in a variety of different ways. But somehow despite these efforts, implied or explicit, to advance racial equity, we have not figured out a way to galvanize this energy into a cohesive and consistent forward movement to strengthen all aspects of our work. How would a robust racial equity analysis deepen the way we work on the issues we care about most? How does race impact outcomes on issues that don’t appear to have anything to do with race? This section of Project Linked Fate outlines some strategies for addressing some of the concerns and challenges philanthropists face when trying to apply a race analysis to their work. There are exercises to get your creative ideas flowing, and to help you start to imagine a clearer path into the future.